My Trip to Bali

I told you about it in this article “my 15 dream destinations” but I wanted to discover Bali for a very long time, with my mother. My brother lives in New Zealand and his holidays fell at the same time as ours.

So we decided to surprise my mother. When we arrived at the airport, it was not the hotel driver who was waiting for us, but my brother, Colas, with his little sign.


I had booked a formula on Private Travel. Hotels + planes. When choosing flights, I preferred Emirates. I knew that in eco we would travel very well. And the schedules were pretty cool for an 6:00 trip… !
Departure from Paris around 3pm, 6 hours flight, arrival in Dubai in the evening, one hour stopover then 9 hours flight (during which we slept, almost all along) and arrival in Bali at 2pm local time. The time difference was very easy!

So I had chosen a formula on Private Travel, with two hotels, one in Ubud and a second in the south of the island. I will tell you about it in the second article and in the second video.

Transfers were included, breakfast and breakfast also, as well as an hour of massage/person + a complimentary cocktail and a tour of Bali on the way to the second hotel (so we visited: Goa Gajah, Taman ayun and Tanah lot).

The first holel, Kupu Kupu Barong in Ubud was quiet, a few kilometers from the center, in the heights. We had a house/hotel room, ideal for 3. We enjoyed the swimming pools, the gym (outdoor), the spa… only the restaurants did not pack us. We didn’t eat badly but really nothing crazy (the breakfasts were varied but simple). We preferred to have lunch and dinner outside.

The massage was a real pleasure, unforgettable. The Balinese technique is fabulous and the massage cabin with a breathtaking view.


The ideal is to rent a scooter. You can move around your hotel, on the island, get lost in the rice fields, the small paths… We were 3 (so less obvious) and do not forget my mother’s age… We preferred to travel by taxi and sometimes book a driver for the day.

Avoid booking shuttles or drivers via your hotel. The price is much higher.

As soon as you take a taxi in Bali he will offer you a full day with him. Then all you have to do is negotiate. 35, 40€… but I’m talking about prices for drivers not guides.

For example, in Ubud, to take a taxi and return to our hotel in the evening, you had to play the game, stroll, let yourself be accosted by the taxis waiting in the street and once again negotiate. Easily split the price in half. We were offered 100,000, 120,000, sometimes 150,000 to get in. We always found for 40, 50, maximum 60 000 (about 3€).

Here are some contacts, some really nice drivers in Ubud, responsive and at good prices. I was talking with them about Whatsapp, very practical.


Prices are indicated in Indonesian rupees.
170 000 = 10€
In the restaurant, taxes are not included and may vary.
In the shops, at the market… everything is negotiable. Divide the prices, compare… that’s the game, they’re the first to break the first price indicated.
Ubud is a city in the centre of the island, really nice and practical to visit other parts of Bali, leaving for a day by car for example.

You can visit the Ubud Palace and the Water Palace. Shopping in the city centre and in the market (right next to the palace. That’s when I filmed the weavings, bags…. open until 6:30 pm), eat an ice cream, have a massage.

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