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Welcome to Chaweng

Nightlife in Chaweng

Chaweng is the beach on Koh Samui that offers most entertainment establishments on the island. Here you will find hundreds of smaller bars, discos, clubs and pubs. You can probably expect an unforgettable night out, with tasty food, tropical drinks and lots of party. If you enjoy meeting new friends from all over the world, Chaweng is the place.


Chaweng Beach Road is approximately seven kilometers long, so it may be a good idea to grab a taxi cab if you are going between two places. Remember to always negotiate about the price before you decide to take a taxi on Samui. The taximeter is unfortunately not often used.

Nightclubs and Discotheques

The three most visited discotheques or clubs in Chaweng (and Koh Samui) are:

Green Mango

Located on Soi Green Mango, in central Chaweng. Crowds of party people show up here at high season.

Reggae Pub

Located behind the Chaweng Lake in central Chaweng. It is a legendary nightclub built mostly of bamboo and wood. Not only Reggae tunes and beats are heard here as it nowadays is mixed with modern club music as well as international hits. Also live bands perform here occasionally, at the large stage.


The place that you should choose if you want to party all night, as they normally are closing very late (early morning). Solo is often very crowded at "early hours".

Clubs and pubs

Mint Bar

Mint Bar is a trendy club in the center of Soi Green Mango. Frequent DJ guest appearances with international DJs and scheduled events and parties.

Tropical Murphy's

You can also enjoy live music and live performances on the Irish pub of Tropical Murphy's (found in central Chaweng opposite McDonald's). They also offers a large range of draught beers, stouts and ale (Guinness, Kilkenny etc). Don't miss the Ovada Show Band who performing here two times, almost every week. Another great entertainer who performs here periodically is the locally famous troubadour; Lee Shamrock.

CoCo Blues

Coco Blues Company is a music and blues bar in northern Chaweng (Chaweng Beach Road) where you can experience live bands at nighttime. The place you should go to if you enjoy blues, smooth jazz and rock music in general.


If you like to take an exotic drink or a beer in a relaxed bar environment, we would like to recommend Zico's Brazilian Restaurant and Bar, with samba dance performances in their classic bar. Zico's is located at southern Chaweng Beach Road, near Soi Colibri.

Star Club Cabaret

If you want to see something "different" can we recommend that you visit the cabaret show at the Star Club. About 15 young men are performing, dressed up like women and different singers such as; Tina Turner, Madonna, Cher and many celebrities.

Beer and spirits

Thai Beer

There are several locally brewed beers in Thailand:

Singha - The original Thai lager beer. 5,0% alcohol.
Singha Light - Less alcohol. 3,5% alcohol.
Leo Beer - A pale colored lager. 5,0% alcohol.
Thai Beer - A strong and cheap beer. 6,4% alcohol.
Chang Beer - A strong, cheap lager. 6,4% alcohol.
Chang Light - Less alcohol. 4,2% alcohol.
Archa - A lager. Same brewery as Chang. 5,4% alcohol.
Kloster - Not so common nowadays. 5,0% alcohol.

Also Heineken, San Miguel, San Mig Light, Asahi, Beerlao and Tiger are commonly found beer brands in Thailand.

Thai Spirits

Most bars in Chaweng has drink lists with all common cocktails, buckets (vodka mixed with energy drinks such as Red Bull or Shark) or traditional drinks. If you would like to try local spirits we would recommend:

Regency - A Thai brandy. Mix with soda and ice.
Mekhong - A rice whisky. Mix with cola, Sprite or soda.
SangSom - A Thai rum. Good with Coke, soda and ice.
Lao Kao - A very cheap transparent rice spirit.

Tips and Personal Safety

Samui Traffic and Accidents

The Samui traffic is very intense. There are far to many unnecessary motorbike and car accidents on the island. Use common sense, use a crash helmet (on a bike), remember to drive on the left-hand side and do never drive if you are drunk. It might be the last thing that you do. Our intention is not to scare you, but tell the actual facts.

Beer Bars and Bar Girls

Prostitution is formally illegal in Thailand, but exists anyway. Almost 100% of the girls working in so called beer bars and go-go bars and are following men home, do it for money (to support themselves and their family). More or less serious Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's) do (of course) also exists.

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General information

Location of Chaweng Beach

The location of Chaweng Beach

The current Samui Weather
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