Useful Travel Tips for Around the World

Just like your messy brain struggles with lists and other bullet points to respect when preparing your trip, this article aims to give useful travel tips and advice to everyone, and this, in the most total “bulk”. There is therefore no hierarchy or order of importance of advice, but it would be very likely that the following mathematical formula would occur:

disordered brain + disordered advice = order.

1. Travel light
Backpackers know it well, leaving with a bag that is too heavy can quickly become a ordeal. But travellers in suitcases should adopt the same reflexes; light travel does indeed make it possible to have a much lighter mind too…

2. Provide equipment adapted to your type of trip
You will obviously not put the same thing in your bag if you go to Alaska in winter or China in summer. The key is to know how to fill your backpack in a light but clever way. The subject was discussed in this article: packing your bag to go on a trip.

3. Increase your final provisional budget by 10%.
Because in a trip, there are always unexpected things. And dealing with the unexpected – however painful they may be – is always much more comfortable when you have financial flexibility…

4. Don’t neglect your health
There are vaccines and health check-ups before leaving, there is the medicine kit to prepare, there is travel insurance to choose from… But just as essential, there is “taking care of your health during the trip”; so be careful with temperature differences, high altitudes, food and water (see point below), alcohol and drugs, in short, without good health, the trip could well stop.

5. Beware of water and food
Eating locally is a good thing AND a good technique to save money, we talk about it here in particular. But it is still important to listen to yourself and your stomach. A French person does not have the same eating habits as an Indian, the hygiene standards we know are not always respected from Bolivia to Nepal via Vietnam, as for water, it is not always drinkable in the 4 corners of the planet. It is therefore essential to drink only bottled water, beware of ice cubes and raw fruits and vegetables (washed with tap water).

6. Pay attention to your business without becoming paranoid
What traveller has never been afraid of having his belongings stolen from an inn, on a night bus, or even on the street? Paying attention to your possessions when travelling is a basic rule, but not falling into paranoia is just as important, so as not to draw more attention to yourself than you should. The subject is discussed in this article!

7. Daring to sleep in local homes
Sleeping at a local’s house does not necessarily mean inviting yourself to people’s houses for free. Today, many websites offer room rentals at Airbnb. This allows you to stay in a sometimes more authentic setting but also to exchange with your host, who will undoubtedly be able to advise you and guide you on the things to do and see around. Some of his suggestions may sometimes prove to be much more useful than all the travel guides combined!

8. Don’t be afraid not to book (all) hotels/apartments in advance
This advice applies only to destinations that are not totally “over-privileged”. For example, landing in Koh Phangan in the middle of Full Moon without having booked your accommodation (well) in advance could be problematic. For other destinations, not booking in advance sometimes results in a discounted price for the night!

9. Do not hesitate to negotiate prices
We had already written an article on negotiating prices while travelling. In some countries, this is more than a common practice, it is simply a custom and not seeking to negotiate may not be seen very favourably….

10. Always carry a roll of toilet paper with you
…or, failing that, a few sheets or tissues in sufficient number. While it can sometimes be difficult to find (clean) toilets in all countries of the world, it is quite rare for them to have toilet paper. This happens even in hotels (at low prices). Just sayin’….

And what advice and tips would you give to other travellers?

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