Where to go in July

In Europe, it is the holiday season for many countries: this is of course the best weather conditions for this part of the world, but also a very significant price increase. For those who are fond of heat, the South (Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Croatia…) and its beaches will meet their expectations, and everywhere else the sunshine will make your visits pleasant, even for the northern regions (Ireland, England, Scotland, Denmark…). This is the right time to go to Iceland, where temperatures vary between 8°C at night and 15°C during the day… which lasts twenty hours in a row! Swimming and sunbathing enthusiasts can also explore Albania, Bulgaria, the Canary Islands or Montenegro.

In Asia, Indonesia remains the main destination for this period, with its equatorial climate tempered by maritime winds. The sunshine is very good despite intermittent rainfall in the evening or at night, and temperatures are almost ideal, between 25 and 30°C. Java in particular is very pleasant, and still Bali with its microclimate. However, this is probably the time when the tourist season is in full swing, so you won’t be alone! Good period also for the northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka.

In Africa, Mauritius can be a good choice as temperatures are still mild, even cool at night, and the sky is clear despite scattered showers and a fresh wind often welcome. The same is true for Madagascar, which also experiences its dry season, with an average of 28°C during the day, and chilly but relaxing nights at 15°C. As for North Africa, Essaouira on the Atlantic coast of Morocco will be very bearable at that time with a refreshing wind, like Agadir, despite the frequent presence of fog.

In America, Peru and Bolivia are to be favoured at this time, when the rains have ceased to give way to beautiful sunny days, although rather cold in altitude, but dry and bright. It is also the right time for US national parks, such as Yosemite Park, where you can climb high without fear of too cold temperatures. California and the Rio region of Brazil can also be very pleasant destinations during this period.

In Oceania, visit Northern Australia but also French Polynesia, such as Tahiti or the Leeward Islands, where rains are becoming rare and sunshine very high, with average temperatures around 27°C. The Marquies archipelago has the same type of climate with slightly higher temperatures.

To avoid: Louisiana, very hot and humid, Senegal, where there is a heat wave with heavy rains that would certainly spoil your stay, and the whole of Asia which is always in monsoon season.

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